About Wisteria Graphics

Wisteria Graphics . . . a.k.a. Linda Morrison, graphic designer

What do I do? I find creative solutions to connect your products and services with your audience. I create web sites, brochures, advertisements, whatever is needed, to translate your vision into . . . more

Why work with a graphic designer?

Don't you have enough to do just running your business?

Think about the flyers created and sent out by your friend or the company admin — created in Word, with centered text, a bold headline, and some clip art. Not a pretty picture! And not a good way to represent your business to the world . . . more

The Design Process

It all starts with getting to know you and your business

As with everything in life, we'll get out of this what we put into it. Good design rarely happens with a stroke of genius (although it is great when that happens!). Because graphic design walks a fine line between art and function, it generally takes a lot of thought and research up front . . . more

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